Betslip/Open bet/settings

Betslip/Open bet/settings

About eSports, bet slip, and open bet settings

Betting slip, Openbet, Bet setting(PC)

When you select game odds at 1, you can see the detail odds on bettingslip and bet on the match.The betting slip does not mean that the bet has been placed.

# Item Description
1 Display method  selection  You can return to the virtual game・lobby screen from here.
2 search ・game list  The state of the game and the game itself are projected with powerful virtual images.
3 games ・bet details You can select the betting details and betting method of the desired match from here.
4 Time zone ・ region setting It is possible to switch the placement and size of the information displayed on the page.
5 Betslip The cash balance currently held is displayed.

How to view Openbet (PC)

Open Bets shows the matches and games that you have already bet on.
If you have already placed a bet on a match or game at “e-sports”, it will be displayed here.

How to view Betting slip setting (PC)

Click the gear icon on the far right to open the “BettingSlip Settings” .
You can set the details of the items to be displayed in the betting slip here.
※Betting slip settings are shared with [eSports].

Betting slip, Openbet, Bet setting(mobile)

When you select one of the betting options on the Sportsbet top page, an icon will appear in the lower right corner of the screen.

Betting Slip Screen (Mobile)

You can see the odds detail at the selected match and bet on it.※The betting slip does not mean that the bet has been placed. You can bet on from here

How to view Openbet (mobile)

“Openbet” at the right side of betting slip shows the games and matches you placed on a bet on “Betting slip”
※Openbet display are shared with [eSports].

How to view Betting slip setting (mobile)

You can open the “Bet Slip Settings menu” by selecting the “gear icon” on far right side of the screen. You can make detailed settings for the items displayed in your bet slip. ※Betting slip settings are shared with [eSports]